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Big Moon power

Big Moon Power is testing tidal energy technology that it calls a ‘Kinetic Keel.’ in the bay of Fundy 2018

As the sun rises over Scots Bay, a small black barge bobs along off in the distance. It’s not a fishing vessel or scientific monitoring station. It’s something called a ‘Kinetic Keel’ and Big Moon Power thinks it just might be the way to harness tidal energy.

“It’s a very simple concept but it works very well,” said Big Moon Power founder Lynn Blodgett.

The keel is connected by a long, super strong rope to a land-based drum. As the keel moves out and back with the tides, the rope extends and retracts, turning the drum and generating power.

Big Moon’s concept is being tested in the Bay of Fundy under Nova Scotia’s Marine Renewable-energy Permit Program. Since opening to applications in April 2018, two projects have been approved, and more could be on the way soon.

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