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About me

I am Joost Holleman, born in 1969 the year we landed on the moon, the concorde had it's maiden flight, Bert and Ernie first appeared on Sesame street, and the first year of VAT in the Netherlands.


After graduating from a polytechnic university in The Netherlands I worked for the Ministry of Infrastructure and helped to realize and maintain bridges, tunnels, roads and sluices in the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Region.

After three years I switched jobs to work as manager project control for the Betuweroute a 150km railroad track from the port of Rotterdam to the German border. In 2000 I moved towards the financial sector and worked throughhout Europe in more than 21 countries  for companies like ABNAMRO, Ahold, Unilever, Airbus and Hudson. I finished my MBA in 2005 and after a "on the payroll" strategy discussion I realized I wanted to help highly innovative startups and small and medium enterprises realize their goals and pursue their dreams and to to become an entrepeneur myself.

Valpolicella gives support to highly innovative companies to innovate, demonstrate and commercialize their products in the market with support from local, regional and pan european financial support schemes.

Blue growth, subsidies, grants, ocean energy, innovation, small hydropower, energy efficienct

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