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ADB approves 60 million for small hydropower UZbekistan

October 4 2019 - The Asian Development Bank has approved a USD-60-million (UER 54.7m) loan to contribute to the investment needed for the construction of 25 MW of hydropower plants (HPPs) in Uzbekistan.

Six small-sized HPPs will join Uzbekistan’s power plant fleet as part of a single USD-75.3-million project, ADB said. Their capacity will range from 10 MW to mini and micro schemes totalling 1 MW. Completion is expected by end-2023.

The project will be delivered by Uzbekhydroenergo, a joint stock company in charge of overseeing the government’s programme to boost the country's hydropower capacity by 1,600 MW by 2030.

According to ADB, Uzbekistan exploits only 20%, or 1.9 GW, of its hydropower potential.

(USD 1.0 = EUR 0.91)

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