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Blue Bioeconomy forum

Blue bioeconomy has a lot to contribute to the new EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy: Limiting coastal nuisance of green algae and use this biomass for biobased products, such as bioplastic, or edible seafood packaging can be part of the solution. However, there are still challenges affecting the emerging sector. In response, the Blue Bioeconomy Forum engage

d with stakeholders and developed two publications designed to tackle obstacles and provide tangible solutions.

The Blue Bioeconomy Forum engaged over 300 stakeholders over the period of 2018-2019 to strengthen Europe's competitive position in the emerging blue bioeconomy.It developed a Roadmap where 14 challenges were identified under four main themes: Policy, environment and regulation; Finance and business development; Consumers and supply chains; Science, technology and innovation. Solutions were formulated to tackle these challenges. Access the full roadmap. On top of identifying the 14 challenges, the Forum selected examples of projects that are close to commercialisation. Take a look at a recap of the Roadmap and a selection of innovative projects that highlight Europe’s potential for the blue bioeconomy.Check out the Blue Bioeconomy Forum newsletter to know more about its activities.

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