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Alderney to make shift towards tidal power

Alderney will no longer have to rely on diesel to generate its electricity after signing a 25-year deal to buy tidal power.

Global energy company Atlantis are installing four underwater turbines off the French coast and a cable to connect France to Alderney.

The turbines is expected to provide better internet connectivity as well.

The company's CEO hopes that the move will help to reduce Alderney's carbon footprint.

Working with our project partners in France and making use of all of the experience garnered from operating the world’s largest tidal array in Scotland, we hope to make Alderney a flagship example of the Blue Economy at work. This will involve harnessing the vast power of the ocean in an environmentally responsible way in partnership with the local community. We hope that this project will be a blueprint for other island nations around the world in due course.


James Lancaster Alderney Electricity Ltd, says the development is good news for Alderney's economy.

Alderney’s economy has struggled in recent years but things are turning around fast; the place has a real buzz about it, so this news could not come at a better time. The team at Alderney Electricity, with the full support of the community, has worked hard in recent years to ensure that our energy assets are fit for the challenges ahead and we are looking forward to this next phase in our island’s development.


The site will be a testbed for the company's larger plans to install 400 turbines in the Alderney Race - something islanders have raised concerns about in the past.

The cost of the deal between Alderney Electricity and Atlantis has not been disclosed.

Last updated Fri 6 Sep 2019

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