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2018 SET Plan Europe Ocean Energy

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

This plan outlines three high level actions

1. Co-ordination between Member States (MS) and Regions to share and track critical information annually that will demonstrate the clear development of the ocean energy technologies

2. Collaboration between MS, Regions and the European Commission to ensure the effective use and appropriate blending if possible, of funds to drive large scale deployment.

3. The need for annual monitoring of progress with a progress review carried out at the end of each phase to determine Go/No Go to the next phase.

a. Phase 1 (2018 -2020) – A feasibility DISCOVERY phase to develop

i. A collective monitoring approach by MS in 2018 and an agree oversight management process for projects and funding which outlines achievable interim commercialisation targets ii. The likely levels of funding required for phase 2 and 3

b. Phase 2 (2020-2025) – Collaborative DEVELOPMENT Phase with operational arrays demonstrating the ability to meet the technical and financial metrics c.

Phase 3 (2026-2030) – Commercialisation Scale DEPLOYMENT Phase to build the sectors supports with large scale deployments that will drive costs to a commercial level. After 2030 the ambition is that the sector DELIVERY will be at scale via a commercial market with a functioning supply chain.

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